Covid-19 Letter to Reader

As a Commercial Equipment Financing Firm focused on the middle market, we at PFE Capital Group are keenly aware of the challenges that this current economic downturn is presenting to firms all across the nation. 

Although it is undeniable that times have been better, savvy business owners have long enough memories to know that conditions will improve.  Moreover, our experience has taught us that those companies that make prudent investments and practical business decisions while the competition is panicking are the ones that will emerge stronger and better positioned to compete when the market rebounds.

However, despite the desire of enterprising business owners to invest in growth or simply add liquidity to their balance sheet, we have found that many are frustrated with the lack of financing that is currently available to them.  Recognizing this market need, PFE offers a variety of debt solutions which include:

This host of services is not limited to a particular industry, but over our 30 years in operation we have gained an expertise in asset intensive businesses and tend to focus on these markets.  PFE has the capability to procure a broad array of financing packages ranging in size from $1-$75 million.

On your behalf, PFE can leverage our network of lender relationships and years of experience in raising capital to negotiate attractive debt financing packages that suit your requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about how PFE can help you procure these financing solutions, please contact us at 516-523-5651.