About Us

Our Views and Values

PFE Capital Group has built its reputation on integrity, knowledge and experience in the field of Commercial Finance and Mortgage Consulting.  Equally as important, we understand and appreciate that our success is based on the relationships formed with the people that make it all possible...our customers.  We serve clients on a nationwide basis, and our focus and attention remains the same whether the transaction size is $10 Thousand or $10 Million.

Our #1 priority is giving 110% to our clients while providing a quality service second to none.  As a business person you may have many reasons to seek professional help. You may lack the time or resources to position your company to compete aggressively in the marketplace. Whatever the reason is, PFE Capital Group is committed to helping you develop a strategy that most closely matches your short and long term financing needs and business objectives.

What Makes PFE Capital Group Different

NO ADVANCE FEES are required once a mutual decision is made by both PFE Capital Group and its Client to move forward together in a partnership.  We save you time, aggravation and money by offering you our expertise in every aspect of the financing process.  Our experience and success over the years have enabled PFE Capital Group to develop partnerships with a mixture full of lenders, private investors, banks, and finance companies that vary greatly in their appetite for acquisition size, type of equipment, type of business and type of credit.  It enables us not only to provide the most competitive pricing available, but also to structure a loan that meets your needs and requirements.  Bottom line, this gives us the edge and ability to offer a broad range of Financing and Leasing Programs to serve both the good and those who need the attention, expertise and relationship to get them over the hump

Why Choose Us

There’s NO COST to consult with us and put together a financing packageBy putting our strength to work for you, you are in control - allowing us to build a comprehensive, confidential, credit profile to pre-approve your company for all of your equipment financing needs.  The goal is to give you an advantage while you are in the marketplace for your next purchase.